What is the reason of suffering and turmoil in the Islamic world?

Today, as we know, the Islamic World has a lot of problems, such as:

  1. Internal turmoil in Islamic countries and the Islamic world. There are a lot of such turmoil:  unscientific and despotic regimes, variety of violence, wasting the facilities, ignoring the future, insecurity, poverty, pervasive corruption, the inappropriate situation of Education and Research, weakness of knowledge and technology and ….
  2. Global undesirable position. Though, Muslims are following the only intellectual religion in the world, and have a great history in creation of knowledge and civilization, they have an undesirable position in today’s world.

Each day dozens of Muslims are killed by Muslims and the hundreds family lose their home and life. Natural resources of Muslims are not protected. And, Muslims are introduced to the world public opinions as terrorists.

Whatever we say, is just a drop! But, let’s stop talking about problems, though we have to take them serious and try to find out the causes of those problems. So, we have to repeat the main question here again:

What is the reason of suffering and turmoil in the Islamic world?

Maybe some people point to different reasons, but most of them are problems, not reasons of problems. For instance, one may say Despotism of Regimes is the main reason, but if pay enough attention will understand it is one the problems, however is the reason of some other problems.

On my opinion, the main reason is that we, at least some of us, don’t achieve the intellectual development. Those who want to make some changes on humanities, pay attention to the basis of problems in the society. Because, changing the humanities means changing of human’s insight and understanding. And, such changes not only develop the humanities, but also affect everything in society.

The new world would be created by new mind and new view. So, changing the humanities is the key to solve all the other problems of the society. 

Now, we must ask this question: what is the development? And how it would be happen? And, if there is any efforts to make such development?

I think the on the first, we have to make such development to our minds to change the human, then we can have our advanced humanities to transform our position.


Prof. Yahya Yasrebi

Translator: Fatemeh Baghipour