Biography Dr.Yasrebi


Dr. Seyed Yahya Yasrebi was born in 1942 in the village of Cheragh Tappeh Sofla in the city of Takab. He learned to read and write in the village school, and in the fall of 1956, he went to Zanjan to study seminary sciences, which has been and is the center of reference for the people of the region.

His preliminary studies were in Zanjan and then went to Qom in 1958 to continue his seminary education. During this period, he continued jurisprudence عp to the highest degree and the began studying logic and philosophy.

He entered the Faculty of Theology in Tehran in 1965, studied Islamic philosophy and wisdom, and in 1983 received a doctorate in philosophy and Islamic wisdom.

Dr. Yasrebi has been teaching at the University of Zanjan since 1977.

Then in 1983, he continued his research and teaching at the University of Tabriz and was the director of the philosophy department of this university for eight years.

In 1993, he was transferred to Sanandaj as the president of Kurdistan University.

In 1997, he was transferred to Allameh Tabatabaei University in Tehran and in 2009 he retired from the same university.

Dr. Yasrebi has gone through three stages in his scientific life; Teaching and research stage, critique stage, and theorizing stage.

And for several years now, he has spent all his time criticizing and theorizing scientifically and philosophically, focusing all his efforts on philosophy, logic, epistemology, mysticism and theology.

Dr. Yasrebi also criticizes the political and social situation in Iran and the Islamic world and tries to eliminate the ignorance and intellectual stagnation of society. According to him, change in the political and social life of individuals is not possible except with a change in the humanities, and such a change must begin with logic, philosophy and epistemology. This is not possible except by criticizing the existing tradition, so he considers criticism and critique as the only way to the transformation of society.